Sikhism History
A religion founded by Guru Nanak in 1469 & developed over the next 240 years by nine successive Gurus, the last & the tenth Guru being 'Sri Guru Gobind Singh.'
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 About Us
Sikh Gurdwara Cardiff is a registered charity (number 1106376) serving needs of the community and establised since April 1977..
News & Notices
05-01-2018: 5/1/18-9.30am-Friday Akhandpaath aranbh Parkash Utsav Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji 7/1/18- 10am-Sunday- Bhog followed by Kirtan, katha vichar and smapty at 1pm

13-01-2018: 351st Birth Smagam of Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji-special programme- 11.00 to 11.30 Welcome and tea 11.30 to 2.00pm- kirtan by 1]children 2] Bhai Satbir Singh ji and 3] Bhai sarbjit Singh jI, kavitas and dastar competition by children, exhibition on sikh histery from London Museum with smapti at 2pm followed by langar

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